Other Recipes

Here is the collection of Other recipes.

Spicy Tomato 

Simple and tasty


A very popular Middle Eastern dip, used as an appetizer and served with pita bread.

Tomato Jam 

A good way to preserve the taste of fresh tomatoes.

Mulagu Kondatam 

Dried Chilli Fries.

Kerala Porota 

Kerala Porota is synonymous with Kerala

Kadai Mushroom 

Can be served with thick gravy

Pesaha Paalu 

Pesaha Paalu serve with Indari Appam/Pesaha Appam

Grape Squash 

Kerala style preserved grape syrup.

Mashed Potatoes 

Tasty and healthy food for kids.

Capsicum Raita 

A side dish made with a combination of yogurt and capsicum.

Naraga Curry 

Simply spicy and tasty pickle recipe.

Dry Mango Pickle 

Mangoes dried in sunlight and made into pickle.

Tips of the day
To remove smell from fish, rub it with salt and vinegar. Leave it for an hour and wash it thoroughly.