Other Recipes

Here is the collection of Other recipes.

Bittergourd Pickle 

Pickle made with bittergourd.

Tomato Pickle 

Tasty tomato pickle can be eaten with plain boiled rice.

Guava Jam 

Very delicious guava jam recipe.

Garlic Chutney 

Garlic chutney is made from fresh garlic, coconut, and red chilli powder.

Dates Pickle 

Pickle made with dates.

Dates Chutny 

An easy dates recipe.

Kashmiri Mixed Rice 

Easy- fix recipe

Hot Spicy Chutney 

Very tasty and spicy chutney.

Lime Pickle 

Spicy lime pickle recipe

Mango Pickle 

Spicy mango pickle recipe.


A southern indian dry masala mix served with idlies or dosas.


Very tasty and easy salsa recipe.

Tips of the day
To make bittergourd less bitter, soak the sliced bitter gourd pieces in a little buttermilk with a pinch of turmeric powder and salt.