Desserts Recipes

Here is the collection of Desserts recipes.

Rice Jaggery Payasam 

Rice payasam with jaggery.

Raspberry Jelly Pudding 

Delicious pudding recipe that can be served anytime.

Fried Ice Cream  

New icecream

Simple Icecreams 

Sweet icecream

Strawberry Delight  

Sweety icecream

Mango Sandesh 

Prepared from fresh paneer curd and mango pulp.

Mixed Vegetable and Fruits Payasam 

A south indian milk based sweet made from vegetables and fruits.

Rava Kesari 

A sweet dish made out of rava...dessert

Broken Wheat Pal Payasam 

Desert prepared of milk, sugar and broken wheat.

Rava Balls 

Sweet balls prepared using rava.

Sunshine Pudding 

Four layered, very tasy and easy to make pudding.

Chocolate Ice Cream 

Tasty Ice cream

Tips of the day
Add little milk to onions while frying will help retain a rich color and prevent them from burning.