Vegetarian Recipes

Here is the collection of Vegetarian recipes.

French Green Beans Masala 

Curry made with coconut milk and cashew paste.

Jack fruit Avial 

Very tasty and easy recipe.

Jackfruit Seeds - Mango Curry 

Jackfruit seeds and mango cooked in ground coconut base.

Soya Chunks Manchurian 

A delicious manchurian dish made with nutritious soya chunks.

Irumban Puli Jackfruit Seed Curry 

Tasty curry made of irumban puli, jackfruit seeds and dal.

Cherupayar (Moong Dal) Curry 

Spicy and tasty cherupayar curry.

Coconut Tomato Curry 

Easy to make tomato curry with coconut milk.

Bottlegourd Black Eyed Peas Kurma 

Easy and tasty recipe.

Okra Potato Stir Fry 

Simple to make and tastes very good.

Cheera Thoren (Amaranthus Thoren) 

Very tasty and healthy recipe.

Soy Chunks Veg Curry 

Healthy and tasty curry.

Beetroot Moong Dal Curry 

A different way to make beetroot curry.

Tips of the day
Add a tablespoon or two of white distilled vinegar to water to avoid eggs from cracking when boiling.