Soup Recipes

Here is the collection of Soup recipes.

Cauliflower Soup 

Nutritious soup and easy to make.

Kidney Bean Soup 

Kidney beans have good iron content and are an excellent food for growing children.

Fish Soup in 10 mints 

This is a hearty starter with fish&prawns.Add a pinch of curry or chilli powder while cooking for spicy kick,or splash of brandy just before you serve.If you like, serve it with some toast

Chicken Noodle Soup 

A soup made by chicken and noodles.

Chicken Soup 

A delicious chicken soup recipe, easy to make.

Tomato Soup 

A very simple and yummy soup

Mixed Vegetable Soup 

A vitamin rich soup.

Carrot Soup 

Nutritious carrot soup recipe.

Noodles Prawn Soup 

Soup recipe made with prawns powder and noodles

Rice Chicken Soup 

A fairly quick soup that includes chicken and rice.

Mushroom Soup 

Nutritious and delicious mushroom soup.

Tips of the day
To make samosas crisper add some cornflour to the maida for dough.