Tips & Tricks

In today's hectic world,we are not even getting enough time do useful thing.Try out some of these useful tips that you can use in your daily routine.Some of the tips will help you to save your time and energy..

  • Instead of keeping Coriander leaves in plastic bag, if u put it in paper bag and then put it in a zip lock it will last long.
  • For soft idlies like a sponge do not stir the batter after it has got fermented. Pour the batter as it is.
  • To remove the smell of onions from your hands and knife, rub them with a little salt or lemon rind and then wash.
  • Add a few drops of lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon of ghee while steaming basmati rice to make it whiter and keep the rice unbroken.
  • Lemon juice when added to fruit like apples, bananas after cutting, and tossed lightly will prevent them from turning blackish immediately.
Tips of the day
To make samosas crisper add some cornflour to the maida for dough.