Mulagu Kondatam

Dried Chilli Fries.

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1 kg green chillies,kept whole,with stems intact
2 litres of thick curd, whisked
Salt as required


Split green chillies into two vertically, till about three fourth of the length.Mix salt and curd in a bowl,add chillies and soke it. Cover it and keep aside for a day. Next day, take the chillies out of the solution using a spoon and spread out on a tray, cover with a thin muslin cloth and dry under sun. In the evening, take the chillies and put back into curd. Repeat this process for 4-5 days, till the curd is completely absorbed by the chillies. Now, dry the chillies for one more day and store in bottles. Deep fry chillies as required and serve as an accompaniment at a meal where rice is served.

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