Rava Kesari

A sweet dish made out of rava...dessert

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Contributed By: Sheejalaila
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Cusine Type : Tamilnadu


Rava- 1 cups
Water-3 cups
Sugar-2 cups(can be reducedor increased according to ur taste)
Tutti frutti(optional)


1.Fry raisins and nuts in ghee.
2.Fry rava in little ghee.
3.Bring water to boil.
4.Add rava into the water.(Be careful while adding). Add little qty of rava at a time.
5.Add rasins, cashew nuts and tutti fruiti.
6.Reduce flame.
7.Add sugar. Mix well.
8.Add little ghee. Remove from stove when rava comes out from the side of the pan.
9.Spread it into another vessel.
10.Let it cool. Cut and serve.

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