Grape Squash

Kerala style preserved grape syrup.

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Black Grapes - 1kg

Sugar - 1kg

Water - as needed

Citric Acid - 1tsp

Grape Essence (tonovin) - 2tsp (Optional)


Clean the grapes.Put all the grapes in a pan on fire. Add little water to it. Boil this until the grapes completely dissolves in the solution (around 15 minutes). Smash it with a ladle. Strain the juice using a big strainer and cloth. Keep aside.

Heat the 1 cup water and add sugar and citric acid to it. When the sugar completely dissolves, remove from the fire and sieve through a thin cloth. Allow it to cool.

Add the grape juice and essence to this syrup and stir well. Store the squash in a bottle.

To serve, take 1/4 glass of squash and mix it with water.

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