Seafood Recipes

Here is the collection of Seafood recipes.

Prawns Peera 

Prawns in grated coconut.

Spicy Fish Curry 

Spicy fish curry prepared in traditional Kerala style.

Shrimp Stirfry 

A quick and easy shrimp recipe.

Malabar fish curry 

Tasty malabar fish curry with fish, coconut milk, and spices .

Fish Tikka 

Fresh fish marinated in spices and baked in Tandoor

Prawn Fry Masala 

Fried prawn dipped in spicy masala

Prawn Masala 

Spiced prawns with capsicum and tomatoes

Fish Peera 

Small pieces of fish sauteed with grated coconut and spices

Coconut Fish Curry 

Fish curry with coconut

Fish Curry 

Fish curry is a tasty dish which goes well with plain rice

Mango fish curry 

Fish with raw mango

Fish Molly 

Fish cooked with coconut mIlk

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