Vegetarian Recipes

Here is the collection of Vegetarian recipes.

Potato Lima Beans Fry 

Tasty and easy potato and lima beans recipe.

Malai Kofta 

Vege balls in a thick sauce,a dish for special occassions.

Soya Chunk Pulav 

Very tasty and easy soya chunk recipe.

Carrot 65 

A very tasty carrot recipe.

Okra Masala 

Easy and tasty okra masala in goan style.

Veggie Pasta 

Tasty pasta recipe.


Festival dish prepared during Onam celebrations.

Spinach Kootu 

Spinach Kootu made with coconut.

Green Peas Curry 

Kerala style green peas curry.

Breadfruit Masala 

Tasty breadfruit curry made with fried coconut and spices.


South Indian sambar recipe.

Sprouted Moong Dal Curry 

A delicous recipe made of sprouted moong dal.

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