Vegetarian Recipes

Here is the collection of Vegetarian recipes.

Pumpkin Pulinkari 

A tasty curry usally serves with rice

Yogurt Pulisseri 

Tasty butter milk curry

Pumpkin Erissery 

Traditional side dish, cooked with pumpkin


It is very easy for cooking and very tasty

Methi Chappathi 

Chappathi with methi leaves

Radish Paratha 

Paratha with Radish Filling

Kothu Chappathi 

Tasty one.Kids love it!!

Spinach Paratha 

Tasty and easy paratha

Aloo Paratha 

This is a tasty potato stuffed paratha

Curd rice 

Excellent way to use up leftover cooked white rice

Spicy Mushroom curry 

Spicy and delicious mushroom curry.

Jeera Rice 

Rice with cumin seeds.

Tips of the day
To remove excess salt in any gravy,make some tiny balls of roti dough and let them simmer with the gravy. They absorb excess salt.Remove them before serving.