Vegetarian Recipes

Here is the collection of Vegetarian recipes.

Breadfruit Stew 

A tasty stew with breadfruit (Kadachakka)

Kootu Curry 

A dish with variety of vegetables and Bengal gram


One of the side dish with sadya.


A side dish with sadya.

Cabbage Thoran 

A delicious side dish for rice


One of the famous south Indian recipe, usually served in lunch with rice


A sweet dish with sadya.Other names of this recipe are Ginger Curry, Inji Curry and Puli Inchi

Parippu Curry 

Special south indian curry. (Moogdal Curry)

Bharva Bhindi 

Stuffed okra

Mushroom Biriyani 

Very good and tasy party dish.

Beetroot Curry 

A verygood side dish for Chappathi and Roti.

Tomato Curry 

Easy and tasy curry for chappthi or roti.

Tips of the day
Add a few drops of lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon of ghee while steaming basmati rice to make it whiter and keep the rice unbroken.