Desserts Recipes

Here is the collection of Desserts recipes.

Eggless - Orange Cake 

Cake is made without eggs


A south indian sweet.

Simple Apple Pudding 

Tasty and easy apple pudding

Bread Pudding 

Awesome Bread Pudding

Custard Fruit Pudding 

Fruit Pudding with caramel

Aval Payasam 

A dessert made with aval and milk.

Simple Cake 

A simple cake recipe.

Chocolate Pudding 

Chocolate pudding recipe is made with cocoa and bread

Fruit Pudding 

Easy pudding

Biscuit Pudding 

Biscuit pudding recipe with crackjack biscuit and milk.

Ada Pradhaman 

One of the dessert for festivals and other occasions.

Butter Cake 

Delicious butter cake recipe

Tips of the day
To make samosas crisper add some cornflour to the maida for dough.