Desserts Recipes

Here is the collection of Desserts recipes.


Sweet made with Rava/Sooji.

Coconut Tart 

Sweet micro oven baked recipe.

Mysore Pak 

A south Indian Sweet Dish.

Rava Ladoo 

Ladoos made with semolina or rava.

Chocolate Ice cream 

Chocolate ice cream with cream,milk and chocolate.

Mango Ice Cream 

Ice cream made with a cooked custard mixture with mango.

Tapioca Milk Pudding 

This creamy pudding recipe tastes great and is easy to prepare. It makes a rich, creamy, not too sweet pudding.

Coconut Burfi 

Sweet dish made with coconut.

Tea Cake 

Simple cake that is great with tea or coffee

Mango Pie 

Moderately sweet dessert with Mango pulp

Bannana and Apple Custard 

Different and easy to do

Pall Poli 

South indian recipe very delicious.....watering to mouth

Tips of the day
For retaining the green color of palak while cooking, put some salt while boling it .