Desserts Recipes

Here is the collection of Desserts recipes.

Butter Pudding 

Simple and yummy dessert recipe

Banana Bread 

Simple recipe for making a banana bread.

Sponge Cake 

An easy recipe for sponge cake.

Arrowroot Dessert 

Easy and tasty dessert made with arrowroot.

Chum Chum 

A delicious dessert recipe.

Boondi Ladoo 

Ball-shaped sweets made with gram flour which are then cooked in sugar syrup,

Marble Cake 

Marble cake is made with chocolate and maida.

Potato Halwa 

Halwa made with potato and ghee.

Steamed Tapioca Cake 

Very easy to make cake.

Kurbani Ka Meetha 

An apricot dessert.

BottleGourd Kheer 

Kheer is made from bottlegourd and sugar.

Telugu Pogali 

Delicious and tasty telugu pogali recipe.

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