Desserts Recipes

Here is the collection of Desserts recipes.

Hyderabad Double Ka Meetha 

Sweet made up with a bread.

Paniaram Payasam 

A recipe for paniaram payasam.

Coconut Peda 

Delicious south indian sweet recipe.

Mango Payasam 

Payasam with ripe mangoes.

Coconut Cupcake 

Easy recipe to make coconut cupcake.

Egg Pudding 

Very easy and simple egg pudding recipe.

Microwave Caramel Pudding 

Enjoy delicious caramel pudding in minutes from your microwave.


A mouth watering north indian dessert is made of rice,milk and sugar.

Milk Peda 

One of the popular sweets in North India.

Tips of the day
If the vegetables are not fresh, soak them in cold lemon water. They will become fresh again.