Breakfast Recipes

Here is the collection of Breakfast recipes.

Tomato dosa 

Dosa maid with tomato and green chillies.

Rava Idly 

Idlis made with Semolina/Rava.

Oats Uppma 

A simple and tasty dish made with oats.


Pesarattu is a variant of the dosa made with moong dal.

Neer Dosa 

A very simple breakfast.

Mixed Dal Dosas 

Dosa made with rice and mixed dals.

Aval Upma 

Upma made with Aval (pooha)

Semiya Pulav 

Combination of semiya with Vegetables

Colorful Idly 

Idly with vegetables.

Wheat Dosha 

A good breakfast dish made of Wheat flour.


Very simple to make breakfast


Breakfast Dish with rice and little coconut

Tips of the day
Instead of keeping Coriander leaves in plastic bag, if u put it in paper bag and then put it in a zip lock it will last long.