Snacks Recipes

Here is the collection of Snacks recipes.


A typical keralite snack made of rice, jaggery and coconut

Bread Pakoda 

A delicious,ready in minutes ,snack

Bread Jamun 

It is different, tasty recipe and easy to make

Peas Puffs 

An easy snack and a must try,veggies wil love this!!

Potato Latkes 

Tasty and easy to make potato snack

Oilless Thattai 

Tasty snack with out oil

Carrot Wada 

A different wada made with carrot and urad dal

Vegetable Pakoda 

Fired vegetable snack


A triangular shaped snack filled with spiced mixed vegetables

Vegetable Cutlet 

Oval shaped vegetable patties dipped in bread crumbs and fried


A fried sweet snack made with bananas

Pazham Pori 

Tasty snack with banana

Tips of the day
Always mash potatoes when they are still quite hot. They mash more easily and can be finely mashed too.