Snacks Recipes

Here is the collection of Snacks recipes.

Ragda Patties 

Potato patties topped with chick peas and assorted chutneys, garnished with straw potatoes and crisp fresh mint leaves.

Pav Bhajji 

Spicy mashed vegetables served with toasted buns.

Peanut Chikki 

Sweet snack made with peanuts and jaggery.

Kurmura Chikki 

Puffed rice or crispy rice snack.

Diamond Cut 

Easy evening snack made with maida.

French Toast 

Tasty and easy bread recipe.


Beaten rice flakes tempered with spices and cooked with sauteed onions.


A tasty tea time snack

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Really quick and easy chocolate chip cookies recipe.

Bread vada 

Easy vada made with bread.


Crispy kerala snack


A popular kerala snack made of Jack fruit, rice flour and jaggery that is steamed in Kumbil leaves that are folded to make a cone.

Tips of the day
Add a little curd to ladyfingers while cooking will ensure that they do not stick to the vessel or turn black.