Snacks Recipes

Here is the collection of Snacks recipes.


Soft crunchy indian cookie.

Benne Biscuit 

Easy and tasy biscut recipe.

Carrot Chips 

Tasty and easy carrot chips recipe.

Chakka Varatti 

A traditional method of preserving ripe jackfruit.

Paneer Fingers 

An easy and tasty paneer recipe.

Chicken Puffs 

Puffs are stuffed with a chicken mixture.

Ela Ada 

A Kerala special steamed sweet.


Snack made with rice flour.

Tapioca Fry 

Easy and tasty snack made of tapioca.


Evening snack made of gram dal,rice and jaggery.


Evening snack made with rice flour.


Sweet snack made with row plantain and jaggery.

Tips of the day
To remove excess salt in any gravy,make some tiny balls of roti dough and let them simmer with the gravy. They absorb excess salt.Remove them before serving.