Snacks Recipes

Here is the collection of Snacks recipes.

Bread Fruit Cutlet 

Cutlet made with bread fruit, dipped in bread crumbs and fried


A sweet snack

Malar Unda 

Snack made of malar, jaggery and coconut.

Ragi Unda 

A healthy snack and easy to make.

Aval Unda 

Snack made of rice flakes, jaggery and coconut

Jackfruit Kozhukatta 

Jackfruit and rice flour dumplings filled with a mixture of coconut and jaggery.

Kadalakka Pola 

A snack made of bengal gram, egg, milk, sugar, flavoured with cardamom and steamed.

Rice Flour Puri 

Tasty and easy to make evening snack.

Banana Flower Vada 

Deep fried snack which is a combination of banana flower and gram flour .

Yam Fritters 

Easy and tasy evening snack recipe.

Potato Fingers 

An ideal dish for kids.

Bread Cutlet 

Delicious cutlets made out of bread.

Tips of the day
If the vegetables are not fresh, soak them in cold lemon water. They will become fresh again.