Drink Recipes

Here is the collection of Drink recipes.

Anytime Fruit Shake 

Easy recipe, kids can make themselves.

Lime Mint Cooler 

A refreshing, easy to make lemonade variant for the summer ( to serve three )

Orange Tomato Juice 

Simple and tasty drink

Watermelon Shake 

Milk shake in combination with the watermelon and milk

Apple Shake 

A simple milkshake made with apple and milk

Lime Juice 

A refreshing and tasty summer drink

Cucumber Juice 

A tasty cucumber juice in combination with the ginger and curd

Carrot Juice 

Vitamin rich drink

Ginger Milk 

A differnet drink made with ginger and milk

Honey Lime 

A delicious, refreshing, and easy to make drink for summer

Banana Milk Shake 

A delicious recipe for Banana Milk Shake, with milk and banana

Mango Milkshake 

Delicious and easy-to-make drink

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