Latest Recipes

French Green Beans Masala

Curry made with coconut milk and cashew paste.

Jack fruit Avial

Very tasty and easy recipe.

Jackfruit Seeds - Mango Curry

Jackfruit seeds and mango cooked in ground coconut base.

Soya Chunks Manchurian

A delicious manchurian dish made with nutritious soya chunks.

Irumban Puli Jackfruit Seed Curry

Tasty curry made of irumban puli, jackfruit seeds and dal.

Cherupayar (Moong Dal) Curry

Spicy and tasty cherupayar curry.

Coconut Tomato Curry

Easy to make tomato curry with coconut milk.

Rice Jaggery Payasam

Rice payasam with jaggery.

Top Rated Recipes

Kara Kozhambu

A hot and spicy gravy which goes well with rice.

Kurbani Ka Meetha

An apricot dessert.

Kerala Bonda

Bonda with maida.

Malabar fish curry

Tasty malabar fish curry with fish, coconut milk, and spices .

Oats Uppma

A simple and tasty dish made with oats.

Chicken Manchuria (dry)

Fried chicken with chillies. Taste in snack type also.

Pressure Cooker Cake

A simple and easy recipe for making cakes in pressure cooker.

Oilless Thattai

Tasty snack with out oil

Popular Recipes

French Green Beans Masala

Curry made with coconut milk and cashew paste.

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Soya Chunks Manchurian

A delicious manchurian dish made with nutritious soya chunks.

Rice Jaggery Payasam

Rice payasam with jaggery.

Potato Dosa

Dosa prepared using potatoes and flour, can be made instantly.

Mushroom Manchurian

Deep fried mushrooms coated with spicy batter and served in a sauce.

Rice Vada

Easy and delicious fritters made from rice powder, coconut and onion.

Strawberry Delight

Sweety icecream

Mango Halwa

An easy and tasty halwa.

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