Desserts Recipes

Here is the collection of Desserts recipes.

Fruit Salad 


Strawberry Cheese Cake 

Cheese cake with fresh strawberries

Carrot Payasam 

A delicious and easy to make dessert .

Pazham Pradhaman 

Payasam with Ripe plantains

Jelly Pudding 

An easy pudding recipe

Coconut Cake 

An easy recipe for coconut cake.

Mango Pudding 

Easy pudding recipe made of gelatin, mangoes, evaporated milk and sugar.

Jelly Roll 

Delicious jelly rolls Mexican dessert recipe.

Creamy Fruit Salad 

Creamy Fruit Salad with pineapple,peach and sour cream.

Festive Apple Dip Recipe 

A healthy apple dip recipe.

Custard Trifle Pudding 

A mouthwatering dessert.

Chana Dal Payasam 

Payasam made with chana dal.

Tips of the day
To make dosas more crisp, add a little fenugreek seeds to the urad dal while soaking.